Lark’s Foot Golden Ale – Sail & Anchor (AUS)

The Sail and Anchor brewery and pub in Fremantle, WA holds a warm place in my heart. My wife and first met in Perth many moons ago and both worked in Fremantle, frequenting the beautiful, English style pub after finishing our shifts. The beer was always good but I don’t recall it being brewed on the premises. Mind you, that was 25 years ago so I may be forgiven for a slight lapse in memory.

A Lark’s Foot is knot what you think. Also known as a cow hitch, most of us would know it as a baggage tag loop, one of the more simple but effective knots.

Lark's Foot Golden Ale, like the knot, simple but effective
Lark’s Foot Golden Ale, like the knot, simple but effective


The Lark’s Foot Golden Ale certainly has a beautiful golden colour and is lightly carbonated. It’s a departure from yesterday’s chilli beer, without the instant impact, but in fairness, most things are a departure from chilli beer! There is a slight sweetness that recalls caramelised sugar, like the top of creme brûlée but not much else. I would have preferred a bit more fizz to freshen it up. Pleasant without being stunning, in the end, like the knot, the Lark’s Foot is simple but effective.

More Sail and Anchor brews to come.


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