Duke – All Malt Helles by Burleigh Brewery (AUS)

I wasn’t sure what a ‘Helles’ was when I popped the top of this “All Malt” brew by the Burleigh Brewery in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. On pouring, I could tell it was definitely a lager by its pale straw colour. The label bumf purports that the lager is inspired by European brews and a little research tells me that a ‘Helles’ is a typical Munich lager, “The aroma should have very low hop tones and bitterness, with a malty or grassy sweetness slightly apparent. A slight bready yeast tone should also be notable. The aroma should be somewhat muted. The taste Should also have a low hop bitterness. A mild malt sweetness should be notable, along with a bready yeast flavour.”(TheBeerSpot.com).

Duke - All Malt Helles .. easy drinking lager
Duke – All Malt Helles .. easy drinking lager


Now, I don’t read anything but the front label before my tastings so I’m quite pleased to report that this Helles pretty much does what is says on the tin. There’s no real strong aroma and the taste is clean and reminiscent of a Becks Vier. At 3.5% it’s a good old fashioned session lager, not too much gas and a balanced malty flavour with an ever so slight bitter finish. It slides down very easily indeed. Burleigh Brewery must have done their homework.

Continuing my beer and music association football, here are the Arch Dukes themselves



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