Redback – Original Wheat Beer (AUS)

“Redback Original is Australia’s original craft beer — first launched in the late eighties. Produced around the time of the Americas Cup defence — Redback’s innovation and unique style took an Australia starved of beer diversity by storm.” Thus says the Matilda Bay Brewery website and it would be true to say that Redback was the first Australian craft beer I tasted, way back in 1989. My girlfriend at the time (my future wife) was working at the Brass Monkey pub in Perth and apart from the delightful service, I remember Redback on tap being a refreshing change from the nondescript  brews available elsewhere.

Redback Original Wheat Beer - Australia's original craft beer.
Redback Original Wheat Beer – Australia’s original craft beer.


The red paint dash on the label references the deadly spider after which it’s named but this beer is far from poison. Golden in colour, it has the aroma and feel of a German white beer. Fruity and smooth on the palate, I always pick up a slight hint of banana chips with a good wheat beer. Matilda Bay recommend it be drunk with prawns, as ‘Australia’s culinary coat of arms’. I had mine with fillet of salmon and it was just as good.

As Killing Joke once said, ‘Turn to Red’ ………



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