Monteith’s Summer Ale (NZ)

Okay, so here’s a change up, my first bru from New Zealand, Summer Ale by Moneith’s Brewing Co based in Greymouth. (Monteith’s sounds like someone with a lisp saying my son’s name). I was was only previously aware of their cider, so it was a pleasant surprise to find their Summer Ale.

Monteith's Summer Ale - Shandy Bass for grown-ups
Monteith’s Summer Ale – Shandy Bass for grown-ups


Beautifully golden in colour, it has a sweet aroma similar to a bitter shandy. The taste is wonderfully refreshing, I get fresh ginger with a touch of lime. There’s sweetness with a ever-so slightly bitter finish. In fact, it reminds of an old fashioned Shandy Bass, a great summer drink for all ages. Monteith’s version is a surprising 5%, so beware! It slides down real smooth, but has a certain bite too. A true thirst quencher, Summer Ale exceeded my expectations and I look forward to sampling more from across the ditch.

Queue the music …… Summer lovin’, happened so fast ….


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