Mildura Brewery’s Mallee Bull (AUS)

‘As fit as a Mallee Bull’ is an Australian country saying alluding to to the strength and ruggedness of of an animal living in the harshest of rough scrub or ‘mallee’. The Victorian Mildura Brewery makes this connection with the  aptly-named Mallee Bull ‘strong ale’.

Mildura Brewery's 'Mallee Bull' .... real strength of character
Mildura Brewery’s ‘Mallee Bull’ …. real strength of character


This is English in style, and I wasn’t surprised to read that the hops and malts were all sourced from the UK. A clear, reddish-brown in colour, it’s very easy drinking for its deceptive 5.6%. There’s a hint of  molasses or flapjack in the finish and overall it’s a very satisfying ale. Of course there’s a clue in the name and this beer deserves some respect. It also deserves to tasted again ….. so I’m going for another one.

From ‘Mechanical Bull’, here’s Kings of Leon with ‘Beautiful War’ ……




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