Wadworth 6 X (ENG)

In days of old, it was traditional for journeys by train to include a visit to the buffet car to partake in liquid refreshment. Imagine my shock to find that First Great Western no longer served McKewan’s Export! Oh how times have changed.

I was tempted to try a bottle of St Austell’s ‘Tribute’ but as I was Cornwall-bound there was a very good chance that another opportunity would arise over the coming days, so I plumped for a Wadworth 6 X.

Wadworth 6 X ...... 2 more x's than Castlemaine
Wadworth 6 X …… 50% more X’s than Castlemaine


A beautiful looking bronze ale that holds it’s creamy head well, even from a can. 23 hrs on a plane had played havoc with my nasal passages so all I could smell was a hint of beer. I have to say that the taste was surprisingly good. Not surprisingly, it’s English in style with not too much gas, like a ‘real ale’ should be. I taste hints of Horlicks, Cox’s Pippins and …. Albion, a sort of homecoming?

Here’s U2 …



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