Bishops Finger – Kentish Strong Ale by Shepherd Neame (ENG)

Far from being the punchline to a smutty joke involving an actress, Bishops Finger “takes its name from the finger-shaped signposts which pointed pilgrims on their way to the tomb of Thomas a Becket in Canterbury”. Brewed on a Friday by the Shepherd Neame Brewery in Kent, using local ingredients, it bears all the characteristics of a traditional strong ale.

Bishops Finger ........ not an actress in sight!
Bishops Finger, Kentish Strong Ale…….. not an actress in sight!


Like the HSD of a couple of days ago, it’s ruby brown with winter flavours, hints raisins and dried fruit and a satisfying bitter finish. Great for a stormy winter’s day like today and a surprisingly good accompaniment to the fantastic home-made Cornish pasty cooked by my nephew. Bishops Finger, we salute you!

Here’s the Kentish connection …… Imelda May with …….



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