Pure Ubu – Premium Amber Ale by Purity Brewery (ENG)

Presented in a beautifully shaped vintage-style bottle, ‘Pure Ubu’ has a very modern label design that states, ‘God Love him. The dog is mad. But an inspiration to all who enjoy doing what they do and who want to be loved for being what they are’.  Sound like someone’s been sampling their own brew!

Pure Ubu - Amber Ale gets the green light
Pure Ubu – Amber Ale …. gets the green light


I know amber comes in many shades but this is a little dark for an amber ale. But don’t let that stop you. Warwickshire’s Purity brewery has made a delicious beer that balances a subtle sweetness with with the essential bitter finish. I find undertones of golden syrup and ANZAC biscuits, yum. The dog may be mad, but every dog has its day and today is the day for this dog ….. to have, um, ….. a day. At 4.5%, the dog has bite as well as bark.

You wait, before you know it I’ll be writing their labels for them. This dog’s days are far from over.

Conversely, here’s Florence and her wonderful Machine …..


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