Hopping Hare – Badger Brewery (ENG)

The Hopping Hare is a “Thrice hopped” ale from the Dorset based, Badger Brewery, owners of possibly the worst brewery website I’ve come across. Beer is beer, but this bottle raises some issues for me. As I have said before, I do my tasting before consulting a website, in this case, I had high hopes, after all, the hare has magical significance in English folklore. For me, Dorset has always been famous for knobs and not beer and I’m sorry to say that this brew does nothing to change my mind.

Hopping Hare .... hare today gone tomorrow
Hopping Hare …. hare today gone tomorrow


The Badger Brewery has supposedly been brewing since 1777, the same year that Washington defeated the British at Princeton …. also the same year that De Sade was arrested without charge. No comment.

I hate to bad-mouth anyone, but this brew left me flat. Bitter in all the wrong places, it made me think it was, indeed, brewed in 1777. You can’t win ’em all.

Here’s Bagas Degol with a track from their album, “Let’s Party Like 1399”


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