Menabrea 1846 – Italian Lager

When in Rome …….. Well, when in Melbourne do as the Melbournians do. Last night I tasted an Menabrea 1846 in the wonderful ‘East Elevation‘ restaurant on Lygon St. This Italian lager is pale gold in colour with a hint of honey on the nose. This sweet aroma is reflected in the taste, southern European in style, it is smoother than its northern European cousins.

Menabrea 1846 - An elevated experience
Menabrea 1846 – An elevated experience

I found it to be the perfect accompaniment to the shaved squid and chorizo that my wife and shared for a starter. Danielle even liked the beer too, most rare. I particularly loved the vibe in this restaurant, friendly and informative staff, great ambiance and a soundtrack straight from my iTunes collection, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, The Smiths and this particular beauty from Television, aptly titled, ‘Elevation’


One thought on “Menabrea 1846 – Italian Lager”

  1. Trelawney for me last night – driving bitter (as I always do) – please listen to my favourite band Levitation – may as well do the whole Need For Not album

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