Hawthorn Premium Pale Ale – Hawthorn Brewing (AUS)

Having to wait for a table at the Moroccan Soup Bar, in North Fitzroy can have its advantages, like having a cheeky beer at the Monkey, next door. The very funky ‘Monkey’ serves a fine selection of craft beers and I was drawn to the vintage label of the Hawthorn Premium Pale Ale. Served to a soundtrack of  late 60’s reggae and Marvin Gaye, this is a very unique style of pale ale. Shiny bronze in colour with a complex floral aroma, we couldn’t decide (I had a tasting panel of 3 on this one) wether it was a Summer or Winter ale or something in between (i.e. a Spring or Autumn ale as suggested by my wise-cracking niece …… fair point).

Hawthorn Premium Pale Ale - Imported from Hawthorn
Hawthorn Premium Pale Ale – Imported from Hawthorn

Whatever season you chose to drink this ale, I’m sure you’d find it very satisfying. Not as fruity as you average pale, its taste develops as it slides over your tongue, hints of citrus rind, limes with an acetone undertone ™ (I’m trademarking that one). Ultimately refreshing and intriguing ….. and it’s been imported all the way from Hawthorn!

Also highly recommended is the special banquet at the Moroccan Soup Bar. An array of gorgeous vegetarian dips, salads, tagines, and sweets, washed down with mint tea … all for $25. No wonder there’s a waiting list to sit down.

In honour of the vinyl spinning at the ‘Monkey’, here’s Marvin Gaye withy ‘Let’s Get It On’ ….. listen to crackles in the background.



One thought on “Hawthorn Premium Pale Ale – Hawthorn Brewing (AUS)”

  1. Carlsberg Export for me , or hassle as I now call it. Tasted good with the Tequila slammer I had as an entre. Please listen to Bob Marley – Jammin , and sing slammimg when he says jamming

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