Twelve Days – Hook Norton Brewery (UK)

The name, ‘Twelve Days’, and label (with a partridge in a pear tree) suggest a Christmas brew. ‘No shit Sherlock!’ I hear you say.

Well, Christmas or no Christmas, you could deck the halls with this ‘strong, dark & rich ale’ from the Cotswold’s Hook Norton brewery. With the evening sun shining through it, it’s a deep ruby red in colour, not black like a stout. Malt on the nose is followed by malt on the tongue, mild fruit (Russet apples?), nuts with  quite a sweet finish. A yummy Yuletide ale.

Twelve Days - Remember beer, like dogs are not just for Christmas
Twelve Days – Remember beer, like a dog, is not just for Christmas

This is probably the most extreme photo that I’ve taken for this blog. As I crouched in our chicken pen to take this shot, I was blissfully unaware that 2 minutes later a massive branch from our Ponsiana would come crashing down where I was. Who’d have thought beer-blogging was so dangerous?

Sticking with the Partridge theme, here’s XTC with ‘Senses Working Overtime”




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