Jasper Ale – Stone and Wood Brewery (AUS)

When in Byron do as the Byrons do (that old chestnut), hence today’s beer is Stone and Wood Brewery’s ‘Jasper Ale’. Brewed in heartland of Byron Bay, Jasper Ale is a departure from the more well-known, stone-fruity, Pacific Ale. More English in style, yes, but less bitter than your average ‘Boys Bitter’. A deep rusty red in colour, there’s mild fruit on the nose and a slight ‘apples and pears’ taste on the first quaff. The mild bitter finish expands as the beer warms up and I learn from the website that this was intended as a winter ale ….. as much as we get a winter in these parts.

Stone and Wood;s 'Jasper Ale' .... a warm winters's winter warmer.
Stone and Wood;s ‘Jasper Ale’ …. a warm winters’s winter warmer.

(Aren’t photos much better when not taken on an iPhone?)

Jasper Ale is not an earth shattering brew by any means, but it’s certainly fresh and very drinkable … ideal for a warm winter. As for Byron Bay, well I know it has it’s detractors but where else can you go on a Sunday afternoon, look down from a 113 year-old lighthouse and see a pod of 30+ dolphins playing in the surf?

What if dolphins were monkeys?
I’ve been a searching’ for the dolphins, in the sea


Here’s Tim Buckley ……….


2 thoughts on “Jasper Ale – Stone and Wood Brewery (AUS)”

  1. Four cans of Carling for me. Great idea for a Jonny Depp film – Andrew Forkhands. Buy your friend a copy of your favourite album.

    1. Tonight I’ll be trying two cans of tropical bird ………… How about a film about an emo-goth type with candles for fingers on one hand, “Jedward Forkhandles”, and on the other hand, may be not.

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