O’Brien – Gluten Free Pale Ale (AUS)

Ok, this is going to be a bit unfair on all concerned, I seem to be coming down with some sort of cold and can neither smell or taste with my usual alacrity. Can’t even take a decent photo!

O'Brien gluten-free pale ale ... definitely lacking in gluten
O’Brien gluten-free pale ale … definitely lacking in gluten

Rebellion Brewing’s O’Brien range of beers are all gluten -free. I’d say this pale ale was made using millet and sorghum, malted to Rebellion’s exacting specifications and certainly tastes gluten-free. Perhaps it’s the gluten that missing or probably this evening’s limited plate, but it isn’t really doing for me. Goes well with paracetamol though.

This one goes out to me mate, Pete, who greeted me with a mixed six-pack of beers to review ……. and he doesn’t even own a brewery (cough, cough). And my second cousin, Sarah, a new Beerhunter365 convert, who sadly departed today …… only as far Sydney mind you.

Brian Eno sings ‘Third Uncle’


One thought on “O’Brien – Gluten Free Pale Ale (AUS)”

  1. Two small Tsang Tso bottles and i haven’t heard from my eldest brother. Answers on a postcard. I imagine a crate of them is akin (not swearing) to sniffing gluten. Try listening to Falling by McAlmont and Butler and not shrilling “Yes i do feel better” at some stage.

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