Velkopopovicky Kozel Dark Beer (CZH)

That’s easy for you to say, I hear you mutter, Volkopopovicky Kozel Dark beer comes from a Czech brewing heritage that stretches back to the 14th Century. Dark coffee in colour, it is sweet and malty on the nose. I don’t know about the 14th Century, but the taste takes me back to the 1970’s when my mum used to feed us Robeline malt extract to boost our vitamin D.

Velkopopvicky Kozel Dark Beer - easy for you to say ....
Velkopopovicky Kozel Dark Beer – easy for you to say ….

There’s plenty of malt, with a hint of caramel and chocolate covered coffee beans. A little sweet and medicinal for my liking, Kozel is an acquired taste.

Here’s Run DMC vs Jason Nevins ….. czech this out ….


2 thoughts on “Velkopopovicky Kozel Dark Beer (CZH)”

  1. I had a Blackhead and a pint from some brewery in Tintagel (I asked for an arf er pint ho ho ) . They need to rename one to Blackheadless. Went to a talk by Koru for the VMCG on stuff and the brud was mentioned. It was all about the wild, blood. OMD -Almost is a great track but rarely played

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