Garden Ale – Stone And Wood Brewery (AUS)

Byron Bay’s Stone and Wood Brewery wowed me last week with their Jasper Ale, so I was looking forward to trying their Limited Release Garden Ale. After a hard days work; fixing 2 broken steps; filling the green bin with waste from the garden and cooking a roast chicken dinner, I was ready for my evening constitutional ale. I was not to be disappointed.

Stone and Wood's Garden Ale - made by green- fingered brewers
Stone and Wood’s Garden Ale – made by green-fingered brewers


Toffee brown in colour, it’s fruity aroma reminded me of ‘Love Hearts’, you know, the 70’s sweets with  cheesy messages on? There’s a refreshing fizz and a beautiful zingy taste of berries and blackcurrants balanced with nice bitter finish. My first reaction was again, ‘wow!’ As was my second reaction. A sure-fire winner.

If this beer was Love Heart, it’d have ‘Drink Me’ written on it. Rush out and buy one now …… it’s limited release.

Here’s Siouxsie and the Banshees with ‘Hong Kong Garden’




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