Four Pines Pale Ale (AUS)

Those Manly Boys have done it again. When I say ‘Manly Boys’, I don’t mean teenagers with bum-fluff on their top lips and washboard stomachs. The Manly Boys I’m referring to are the brewers at Four Pines, in the Sydney Northern Beaches suburb of Manly. It is said that Manly was named by Captain Cook after he viewed the fine physiques of the locals, as he cruised into what would become Sydney Harbour. Perhaps ‘Pale Ale’ was named after the the pallor of the British sailors?

Four Pines Pale Ale - truly a Manly brew
Four Pines Pale Ale – truly a Manly brew


This would have to go into my top 10 Pale Ales. An exciting mix of hops brings a refreshing and complex taste with hints of blood-orange and passionfruit, nicely balanced with a very more-ish, bitter finish. I was left ‘pining’ for more ……. queue the tumbleweed.

Here’s Muddy Waters with ‘Manish Boy’ …….


One thought on “Four Pines Pale Ale (AUS)”

  1. Back in time for the time being (as if there is any other option..). So Cap’n Cook (sic) was cruising around looking at the local boys, and may have been greeted with the occasional “hello sailor” eh – and then someone starts a brewery with a name that is an anagram of “u for penis”. Better put some TRB on..

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