Punch & Judy’s Ale – Murrays Craft Brewing Co (AUS)

“Murray’s Punch & Judy’s Amber Ale is delicious proof that lower alcohol does not mean less flavour.” Weighing in at 3.9% Punch & Judy’s is hardly a low alcohol beer, more a strong ‘boys bitter’. Murray’s craft brewing Co, based in Port Stephens, NSW have made a deep amber ale with plenty of Punch and a fair bit of Judy too.

Punch & Judy's Amber Ale - plenty of Punch and maybe a bit too much Judy
Punch & Judy’s Amber Ale – plenty of Punch and maybe a bit too much Judy


This is a delicious, full flavoured ale with undertones of of crispy creme brûlée caramel and warm wholemeal toast. My only problem was the gas, there was too much of it. At first sip my whole mouth filed with bursting bubbles and come to think of it, the same thing happened on second sip too! After a few more attempts, I gave the bottle a bit of a nudge in order to let some gas out and of course ended up wearing most of it on my trousers. Would love to try this on a hand pump, as cask conditioning would solve the fizz problem. If Murray’s are interested in sending up a keg, my address is available upon application.

Here’s the wonderfully named, ‘Pulled Apart By Horses’ with the equally wonderfully named, ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’ Please don’t try this at home



3 thoughts on “Punch & Judy’s Ale – Murrays Craft Brewing Co (AUS)”

  1. That’s the thing isn’t it? You know when something just seems to happen out of the blue and a sense of “this is what Newton felt when nearly inventing cider” fizzes through your bonce. Well just try Marmite and honey on toast and you may well be uttering my name in the same breath as Thomas Crapper, that dead Apple bloke and Paddy McAloon. Drink – Christmas present from 3 days ago from Wally. Music – Then Jerico

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