Endeavour – 2012 Reserve Pale Ale (AUS)

I shall endeavour (see what I did there?) to make this short and sweet. It has been a long day, rugby training has taken it out of me ……even if it was only training with the U13s …….. or may it was because it was training with the U13s!

On top of that, my family has entered into a new endeavour of our own and this Reserve Pale Ale was the first one imbibed at our new house ….. well,  say new!

Endeavour 2012 Reserve Pale Ale - perhaps a little too reserved?
Endeavour 2012 Reserve Pale Ale – perhaps a little too reserved?


As you can see from the ‘new’ house in the background, there a fair bit of work to do. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and there’s always beer to be tasted. This vintage Endeavour Pale was certainly refreshing after running around a field being belted by adolescents, but I found it lacking in the sort of character one would expect from a reserve …… unless it had come straight off the bench? All the ingredients of a good pale ale are there, but slightly muted. A hint of citrus, a  slightly bitter finish. Perhaps a little too reserved?

Or perhaps my palate had been ruined by the celebratory champagne? It’s a hard life.

Here’s Aretha Franklin with ‘Say A Little Prayer’ (AKA ‘Forever Endeavour …..’)


2 thoughts on “Endeavour – 2012 Reserve Pale Ale (AUS)”

  1. Just had the last glass of Walswine. It may be the that defrosting the fridge makes you a household name – why else would you try baked beans (organic) and pesto on toast? Well now you don’t have to …. but you really should try a Nickeg (pronounced baked beans (organic) and horseradish on toast) The second life changing recipe in a week (weak) would go down well the The (organic) Farmers Boys – All of a sudden. or Phew Wow

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