Pacific Ale – Stone & Wood (AUS)

Welcome back. Stone & Wood‘s ‘Pacific Ale’ has made a welcome return to Feddy in Alstonville. Strictly speaking, whilst taking ale on board at the Federal Hotel, I’m usually a Cooper’s Pale Ale man. Given the chance though, it’s great to jump into the cool Pacific.

Stone & Wood's Pacific Ale -  like a schooner full of fruit salad .... in a good way
Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale – like a schooner full of fruit salad …. in a good way


Like Kool and the Gang once said, ‘It’s fresh ….. exciting’, a cloudy pale straw in colour it has the aroma of a bowl of fruit salad. There plenty of fruit on the tongue too, passionfruit, peaches and tinned pears …… this could be 3 of your 5-a-day.

Another winner from Stone & Wood, a truly refreshing brew …. it’s about time I visited the brewery.

With a cover from South Pacific, the closest you’ll get to a show tune on this blog, here’s Captain Sensible with ‘Happy Talk’


5 thoughts on “Pacific Ale – Stone & Wood (AUS)”

  1. Ah the specific brewery have reminded me that I need to be more pacific with the best way to eat that old favourite Marmite and honey on toast (or money as I call it – I made that up don’t you know) Ok – use only ONE slice of toast and also use one slice of bread, cut in half and now eat the first half with the toast on top – nice, but also possibly slightly scratchy on the top of the inside of your mouth… now eat the other half with the bread on top – HEAVEN on a palate. Warmish Carling for me and Japan – Ghosts

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