Celt – Organic Golden Ale (WAL)

My first Welsh ale of the blog. The Celtic cousins of us Cornish have made a very classy beer indeed. From the packaging to the website there is great attention to detail and a fair bit of style. Certified organic by the UK’s Soil Association, this Golden Ale has the taste of the good earth about it.

Celt Organic Golden Ale - a work of art and soul
Celt Organic Golden Ale – a work of art and soul


Complex and fulfilling, it’s bursting with citrus flavours and a beautiful lemon and lime zest finish. It’s full-bodied too, not dissimilar to the big-hitting, American ‘Big Eye’ Pale Ale, only more subtle, belying it’s 4.2% ABV. This would go well with a Goan fish curry and went down a treat with re-roast pork and apple sauce.

It’s well worth checking out the brewery’s website: http://celtexperience.com I’ll certainly be looking out for more of their wares.

Here’s the awesome Super Furry Animals with ‘Golden Retriever’ …… which, like a lift operator in a skyscraper, works on so many levels,



2 thoughts on “Celt – Organic Golden Ale (WAL)”

  1. I know what you’re thinking – oh a tuna melt sounds and looks reet tasty…..but , like a tour guide on the Mississippi, it lets you down on so many levees. Great news for you though – don’t use the (very strong) cheddar – eat that later, instead put Mango chutney in and TANGO!
    Tea for me tonight – pyramid selling at its best. Listen to Milky – just the way you are – gets rid of those moody blues..

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