Stoke Dark Ale by The McCashin Family (NZ)

When does a dark ale become a stout? I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking you you. Answers on a postcard please.

The McCashins brew in Nelson, on the South Island of New Zealand using “finest organic hops and premium malt, developed our own bespoke yeast, and sourced 14,000 year-old Paleo water”. The resulting Dark Ale is clean, and fresh tasting . This an easy drinking black beer, not creamy like a stout, but rich and malty with roasted coffee undertones and a clean finish.

Stoke Dark Ale ...... a tall dark stranger will enter your life
Stoke Dark Ale …… this beer could save your life


Dark beers can have surprising health benefits. Scientists have recently discovered that marinating meat in beer before barbecuing can reduce harmful, carcinogenic agents caused by cooking over hot coals. Dark beers have an even greater benefit. Read the full article here: Beer Can Save Your Life

Here’s the awesome Bauhaus with ‘Dark Entries’




4 thoughts on “Stoke Dark Ale by The McCashin Family (NZ)”

  1. I drank Petes’ Murphys in the back – he didn’t take affront man. Those brewers have some front though eh – they must have heard the Sharps story – McCashin indeed. Listen to Limp Bizkit – My way.

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