Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (UK)

Well that answers that question. The difference between dark ales and stouts is like the difference between chalk and cheese. Now that’s no bad thing, whereas you can’t write on a blackboard with cheese, chalk doesn’t melt well on toast. Horses for courses, if you like to mix your metaphoric drinks.

The ‘Pure Luxury’ of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is no false advertising claim. This really is a luxurious stout.

Young's Double Chocolate Stout - Heaven in a bottle
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout – Heaven in a bottle

‘Double Chocolate’ might sound a bit sickly but Young’s have got the balance just right, there’s dark malt undertones with real chocolate in the finish, It’s silky smooth and pushes all the right (chocolate) buttons. Drink it in front of an open fire, an ideal bedtime drink for the lactose intolerant.

I was tempted to follow yesterday’s ‘Dark Entries’ another Bauhaus track, ‘Double Dare’ but have opted for an equally awesome live band. Here’s The Subways with ‘Young(s) For Eternity’ ……



One thought on “Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (UK)”

  1. I remember those things from school but I think they are non PC . Strangely PC’s are now replaced with tablets (also non PC), which I find hard to swallow, BTW (that’s short for incidentally) is that chalk on your chocolate or are you just racist?. Now listen to Dreadzone – Life Love and Unity – asap.

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