Reef Blonde – Blue Sky Brewery (AUS)

The Beer Hunter is back, redefining the meaning of ‘365’.  I won’t blame it on the sunshine, the moonlight or the boogie but suffice to say I’ve been away for a few days in FNQ, with no internet and even worse, no beer …….. until I reached the airport! At least there was no FNQ.

Blue Sky Brewery's 'Reef Blonde' ....... Blonde's have more fun
Blue Sky Brewery’s ‘Reef Blonde’ ……. Blonde’s have more fun

Regular reader will know that I’m not much of a lager fan (old friends will scoff and do a double take), but the ‘Reef Blonde‘ caught my eye at Cairns Airport.  Besides, it’s not really a lager. Hand-crafted? yes. Low-carb? Yes, but why? I like carbs!

I was pleasantly surprised but this pale lager-like beer. The pipes were certainly clean when mine was poured, producing a good head that tracked down the glass as I sipped away. I didn’t miss the carbs at all and found fresh undertones of Champagne and elderflower.  A real refresher. The best beer I’d had all week ……….. and the first.

Here’s Reef with ‘Place Your Hands’ …….. Oright now!





2 thoughts on “Reef Blonde – Blue Sky Brewery (AUS)”

  1. Hello Beerhunter 365. You have been in FNQ but I am in FND, Far Nortn Devon. My pipes are clear because I have been drinking St Austell Tribute, a pale ale with delicious full-bodied malt flavours and citrus aromas. I maybe in the FND but quality is quality, it crosses county lines. Just ask the Dukes Of Hazzard.

    1. FND sounds like FUN. A good drop, that Tribute. Why not venture over the border into God’s Country and drink from the scorch. Look forward to hearing tales of ales when you returns. Big up the clan.

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