Robinson’s ‘Old Tom’ with Chocolate (ENG)

‘What’s Easter without chocolate’? I hear you say.  ‘A religious festival free of rampant commercialism’ I reply. There’s more to Easter than preaching the gospel of tooth decay, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Hence I shun the chocolate egg, let the whippets loose on the Easter Bunny and try a bottle of ‘Old Tom with Chocolate’ to prove I’m not a complete cynic.

Robinson' Old Tom with chocolate ...... the cat's whiskers
Robinson’ Old Tom with chocolate …… the cat’s whiskers


Robinson’s have been brewing in the UK for over 175 years and their 8% ‘Old Tom’ was voted the ‘World’s Best Beer’ (it says so on the label). This version has been toned down to 6% but is still a full-blooded bitter. The chocolate is evident in the aroma and even the rich brown colour, but only subtly in the taste. This is a heady brew, deep, strong flavours with coffee and cocoa undertones, not at all sweet. It’s a great winter ale and not what you might expect when you read ‘chocolate’ on the label ……. nice bottle too!

Here’s The Stone Roses with ‘I Am The Resurrection’. Happy Easter everyone.


2 thoughts on “Robinson’s ‘Old Tom’ with Chocolate (ENG)”

  1. Old Tom used to mean fossilised poop – a session on Old Tom = *~%& faced. I’ve had a few pints of Dartmoor bears recently, on Dartmoor, without Chris Dart or Blackmore, and want more – they’re very moreish, didn’t play darts. Just had some brown cheese. Bring on the Soft Cell.

  2. Good to have you back #Nick. I’ve heard of the ‘Dartmoor Cat’ but the news that there’s a ‘Dartmoor Bear’ as well is quite shocking! I almost Tommed myself! Hope the cheese wasn’t tainted. Love Mike

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