Rosee d’Hibiscus – Brasserie Dieu du Ciel (Can)

“Spiced strong beer with hibiscus” wasn’t the first thing that sprung to mind when reached into the fridge at ‘blog o’clock’ this evening. In fact I’d forgotten I’d bought this intriguing Canadian brew from the Quebec-based, Dieu du Ciel.  After trying beer with chocolate, beer with chilli, beer with mango, beer with banana …….. beer with hibiscus flowers? Well why not?

Rosee d'Hibiscus ..... beer with flowers
Rosee d’Hibiscus ….. beer with flowers


I’ll tell you why not. Unsurprisingly, this has quite a floral aroma, more like an eau de toilette than a beer. It pours the colour of a strong rose (rose-eh) wine (can’t find the ‘acute’ button this keyboard) and doesn’t really look like beer. So, is it beer? Well, it’s beer Jim, but not as we know it. It tastes like ‘Boxing Day Punch’, as served at St Gorran Cottage for many a year, a heady mix of white wine, cider, vodka, vermouth and lemonade …… with added hibiscus. No bad thing in itself but it sure don’t taste like beer. Dab it behind your ears.

Here’s QOTSA with ‘My God Is The Sun’



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