Cricketers India Pale Ale (AUS)

This is a new brew from the Cricketers stable, recently acquired by the Asahi brewing giant.  The big brewers are catching onto the craft brewing revolution and want a piece of the action. If it improves the overall quality of available beers, then I’m all for it ….. as long as they don’t masquerade as true craft beers (see Liquorland’s ‘Gold Digger’).

Cricketers India Pale Ale ....
Cricketers India Pale Ale …. middle and leg

This is a pleasant enough beer but it lacks the bite of a real IPA, the ‘I’ bit is missing. Instead you have a fruity pale ale with undertones of lychee, but not enough hopping to give it the bitter finish one associates with an IPA. I wasn’t quite bowled over and score it middle and leg.

Here’s Paul Kelly with the legendary ‘Bradman’ ……..


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