Hawthorn Brewing Co – Golden Ale (AUS)

Having tasted the Hawthorn Pale Ale on home ground, I thought I’d try and see how their ‘Golden Ale’ fared in the away fixture.  I never really know what to expect from a Golden Ale …… a bit like AFL, I’m not really sure what the rules are?

Hawthorn Golden Ale - hits the mark in the 4th quarter
Hawthorn Golden Ale – hits the mark in the 4th quarter


I drank this the Australian way, icy cold, poured into a glass from the freezer. It’s a pale straw in colour and is crisp and fresh with a nice yeasty odour. When cold, it’s really refreshing but the taste really comes through as the ale warms up. There’s a hint of rock melon with a nice bitter citrus finish. As the Hawks would say, go ‘all for one’ ….. and, as us Cornish say, ‘one for all’ ………. i.e. get a 6-pack.

From Hawthorn we get thorn, which gives us Tracy Thorn and Everything But The Girl, with the Rod Stewart classic, ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’


3 thoughts on “Hawthorn Brewing Co – Golden Ale (AUS)”

  1. I recently melted chocolate the Cornish way. What a burnt triumph ( no, I not talking womens lib) Here’s the method for this hot heaven that may set off your carbon monoxide alarm, but will reward you with something that will get the neighbours talking (and the firefighters) (and the respiratory team in A&E). First get your hob as hot as you can. Then place a saucepan with broken Easter egg in it on the super-heated area. Soon a sizzle with pre-empt a good burn on the bottom of the pan. Now cool quickly (you can even put some water inside the pan) Now eat – proper job – goes well with rough red wine. Raspingly good.

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