Haymaker – Hook Norton Brewery (ENG)

‘Haymaker’ n. He who makes hay (best done when the sun is shining); n. A type of punch, a wild swing with all of a person’s might to knock out the opponent.

Hook Norton‘s Haymaker lies somewhere between the two, best drunk when the sun is shining and if drunk in great quantities, could possibly knock you out.

Hook Norton's Haymaker - didn't knock my socks off
Hook Norton’s Haymaker – didn’t knock my socks off


This is a pleasant enough English-style pale ale, light copper in colour with toffee  and lemon undertones. I’d prefer a little more bite but I think it would make a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day. As the nights draw in and the mercury drops, maybe I should be hunting down strong dark ales and creamy stouts.

Here’s something to keep you warm, Isaac HAYes (see what I did there) with a soulful cover of the Stranglers classic from yesterday’s post …………


3 thoughts on “Haymaker – Hook Norton Brewery (ENG)”

  1. As mercury is rising I had a “cold as a Polar Bears’ ” Fosters tonight, went well with Anzac biscuits topped with Vegemite and tasty Bega. Best to listen to Stop – Jimmy Eat World (but I would recommend The Middle – because I’ve listened to it)

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