Temptress Chocolate Porter – Holgate Brewhouse (AUS)

Following my own advice for once, this evening I’ve opted for more of a winter-style ale, a chocolate porter. My recent experiences with chocolate ales have been favourable so I was quite looking to this one.

Temptress Chocolate Porter - authentic craft beer
Temptress Chocolate Porter – authentic craft beer


The Holgate Brewhouse is based in Woodend, Victoria and has been brewing since 1999. Their dark ‘Temptress’ is brewed with Dutch cocoa and vanilla beans and the taste is nicely balance between the two with a hint of coffee . Neither bitter nor sweet, it’s rich and smooth and better drunk at something like winter room temperature to allow the flavour to come through. At 6% its stronger than your average bar of Bournville. Try with slabs of wagyu beef or at bedtime.

To complete a treble word association, here’s Japan, with ‘Night Porter’ …………


One thought on “Temptress Chocolate Porter – Holgate Brewhouse (AUS)”

  1. Ahhh the chocolate porter. Sounds like someone has been reading the Profanisaurus. Please try the burnt chocolate porter that I will have on sale soon – it goes down well. With horseradish beans. And fags. John Grant for the soundtrack.

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