Gippsland Gold – by Grand Ridge Brewery (AUS)

Perhaps I’ve left this one a little too long on the shelf, after all, I did buy it at a bargain bucket price, as part of Christmas-special box of 6 ….. back in March. Being a hand crafted ale, free of preservatives does have its disadvantages and some things don’t improve with age.

Gippsland Gold - 'All that glitters is not gold'.
Grand Ridges’ Gippsland Gold – ‘All that glitters ……………’.


In spite of being past it’s best and a little flat, this dark, honey-coloured pale ale showed good potential. Sweeter than your average pale and reminiscent of the “Yarra Valley Gold“, it has nice toffee apple undertones and, with the fizz that accompanies all of us when in top condition, this could be a real winner. I’m willing to re-visit this one at a later date.

From their gold-selling album, ‘Gold Against The Soul’ here’s the Manic Street Preachers with ‘La Tristessa Durera’



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