Old Hooky by Hook Norton Brewery

Another brew from the historic Cotswolds-based, Hook Norton Brewery. These people have been putting smiles on faces since 1849. Today the brewery offers tours, owns 40 pubs and still delivers ale locally by a shirehorse-drawn dray. Carbon neutral delivery, I like it!

Hook Norton's Old Hooky - ummm, got me hooked
Hook Norton’s Old Hooky – ummm, got me hooked


Cloudy copper in colour, it has an aroma of fruit and flowers, like a hospital waiting room without the disinfectant. Very English in style, it tastes like christmas: dried fruit, spices, brazil nuts and ….. well, beer. I like it. In fact, I like it a lot. It’s kind of got me hooked.

Here’s Hooked On Classics ……… only kidding. From Hooky we get Peter Hook, or “Hooky’ as he’s known (could have gone straight to ‘Hooky’ there really) from New Order with ‘Confusion’. Quite apt really!  I used to have one side of a C90 filled with this.



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