Munroe’s Fredonian Ale (USA)

All work and no play ……………… The Beer Hunter has been hunting.

What a rare treat and what a rare ale. This limited edition ale is very hard to find in Australia. In fact it is so limited in its Australian edition that I’ve drunk the only one. Munroe’s Fredonian is a hand crafted, American style pale ale from the little-known Munroe Brewery in Sarasota, Florida and boy, it’s a beauty.

Munroe's Fredonian Ale - Hand-crafted, hand-delivered
Munroe’s Fredonian Ale – Hand-crafted, hand-delivered. Alan with his lovely wife, Casey.


Head brewer and founder, Alan Munroe hand delivered this little gem. It travels well and arrived in perfect condition. A deep reddish amber in colour, it has floral aroma, plenty of fizz and holds its head well. A good balance of citrus and hops give it a full, well-rounded flavour and the dry hopping towards the end of the brewing process gives it a lip-smacking bitter finish.

I give it 5 bunny ears and can’t wait for the 2015 vintage. Goes well with a Cornish Pasty ……………. Muy Buena!

In honour of the first Fredonians, here’s Texas with ‘I Don’t Want A Lover’


2 thoughts on “Munroe’s Fredonian Ale (USA)”

  1. I’m a craft beer geek & live in Sarasota, FL. I’ve never heard of Munroe Brewery around here. I did a search and he’s not licensed either as a brewpub or brewery in Florida. Is he a homebrewer?

    1. Hi SRQtech, I think you might be right, the bottle I sampled had lost its label (maybe it never had one). If it was a home brew, it was the best I’ve ever tasted and Munroe should go into business! Thanks for reading.

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