Kaiserdom – Premium Lager Bier (GER)

The World Cup is upon us. Well, not The World Cup, that takes place in England next year. This one is the football World Cup or, as they say here in Australia (and probably in America too), the ‘Soccer World Cup’. That’s so we don’t get it mixed up with ‘football’, ‘footy’, ‘football’ or (in the case of America), ‘football’. To save further confusion, I’m just going to refer to it as ‘the World Cup’.

To honour the start of the ‘World Cup’ I thought I’d try this special edition brew. Contrary to popular belief, Kaiserdom is not a German S&M club, rather an historic brewery from Bamberger, Bavaria. The limited edition World Cup premium lager comes in a one litre can, featuring the Brazilian flag on the front and and is only available  in ‘special’ countries. Empty cans are already appearing on ebay and if you drink your beer and then list the empty can, you get your money back …….. and some.

Kaiserdom ....... I predict a riot!
Kaiserdom ……. I predict a riot!

The Germans give good lager and this is no exception. Reliable and efficient, it’s the sort of easy-drinking, slightly malty brew that is loved by footballers and fans alike. It would go well with bacon and eggs or porridge.

Everyone loves a World Cup, even dyed-in-the-wool rugby fans like me. So I’ll be up at 8.00am on Sunday morning to cheer on Eng-er-land. Here’s hoping for an England v Germany final, with us Poms winning 5-4 on penalties!

Best World Cup song ever? Here’s New Order with the 1990 England World Cup squad with, ‘World In Motion’


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