‘My Wife’s Bitter’ – Burleigh Brewery (AUS)

‘My Wife’s Bitter’ sounds like the start of a Les Dawson joke. My wife’s marmalade is both bitter and sweet and therefore very satisfying.  I wish the same could be said of Burleigh Brewery’s English style ‘bitter’.

My Wife's Bitter - Not a patch on My wife's marmalade!
My Wife’s Bitter – Not a patch on my wife’s marmalade!


It’s not a bad drop, it’s just lacking something. Perhaps it’s the hops? There’s a familiarity to it but it needs something else to differentiate it  from your average ‘boys bitter’ found in any English pub. Perhaps a hint of toffee, an undertone of biscuit, some cheeky chocolate, a nibble of nuts, a slice of christmas cake ………….. it just needs something to raise it above the ordinary. Perhaps I should try it at room temperature?

For a real bitter finish, I watched England play the All Blacks on Saturday night only to see us go down by 1 point. Now that left a bad taste in the mouth!

In honour of My Wife’s Marmalade’ here’s The Verve with the perfectly balanced ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ ……………


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