Riggwelter – Black Sheep Brewery (ENG)

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing, an easy-to-drink dark strong ale”. Black Sheep Brewery‘s ‘Riggwelter’ takes its name from the from  an old Yorkshire term for  a sheep, once rolled onto its back, can’t get up again. I thought that only happened to beetles and tortoises ……. mind you,  after a few of these it’s likely to apply to humans too.

Black Sheep's 'Riggwelter' ........ it's a belter!
Black Sheep’s ‘Riggwelter’ …….. it’s a belter!

Why a Yorkshireman would want to roll a drunk sheep onto it’s back, I’ll never know (it’s certainly not the West Country way).

Riggwelter is a beautifully aromatic ale, rich mahogany in colour and clear as a bell.  Poured into a glass in has a long-lasting latte head. The taste is a complex mix of burnt toffee, bitter roasted coffee bean and biscuity sweetness. Its smoothness  belies its 5.7% ABV, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing! All in all, a great Yorkshire ale that will leave ewe wanting moor.

‘Stick to the road, stay off the moor’ ….. from the classic, An American Werewolf In London, here’s Credence Clearwater revival with ‘Bad Moon Rising’ ……………


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