Australian Brewery – The Pale Ale (AUS)

When I read the can saying the ‘Australian Brewery‘ and ‘The Pale Ale‘ I thought that this beer has a lot to live up to. After a little research I found the the The Australian Brewery was born out the “The Australian” pub in Rouse Hill, Western Sydney. This originality in pub naming  has been continued with the naming of their brews. No ‘Bishop’s Finger’ or ‘My Wife’s Bitter’ here, no here the brewing list includes “The Pilsner”, “The Steam Ale” and of course, “The Pale Ale”.

Well, here follows “The Review”

'The Pale Ale' certainly is "a"  pale ale but ..........
‘The Pale Ale’ certainly is “a” pale ale but ……….

First up, why the energy drink-style can? It feels too small in your hand and yet is unlikely to revive you whilst driving. Drinking from cans can lead to short-term memory thingy too. Once poured into an old-fashion glass receptacle, it’s fruity aroma is released and rather pleasant it is too. A cloudy light straw in colour, there’s certainly plenty of fizz (I ended up with a Belgian-style head). It’s a fresh a fruity pale with Galaxy hops to the fore, hints of passionfruit and Gala apples. All up this a good Australian Pale Ale, maybe not “The Pale Ale” but at least it’s name is easy to ……….. thingy

Here’s “The” Australian Crawl with 80’s classic, ‘Reckless’




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