1906 Special Reserve – Estrella Galicia (ESP)

When I think of Spanish beer, I generally think, San Miguel, tapas and headaches. The whole purpose of this blog is to banish such parochial attitudes and in Estrella’s 1906 Special Reserve I find myself vindicated. And yet, it’s a lager and regular readers of the blog will know my jaded views on the amber nectar.  Well, this one’s different.

1906 saw a typhoon and tsunami devastate Hong Kong, a major earthquake in San Francisco and the release of the worlds first feature film, ‘The Story of the Kelly Gang’ in Australia. Having lost the bottle and conducted extensive research, I cannot for the life of me find out why this lager is named  1906. Perhaps it’s the price of a bottle in a Barcelona night club?

1906 Special Reserve - dos cervezas pour favor ..... it's all you need to know
1906 Special Reserve – dos cervezas pour favor ….. it’s all you need to know


The bottle oozes class and you’d almost expect to find vintage port inside.  The lager pours thickly into the glass with a light honey aroma and a dark honey colour. On the plate there are hints of crème brûlée and cognac, it’s velvety smooth yet complex and satisfying.. The carbonation is light but the liquid has real body.  I am now officially a fan of Spanish lager again.

At 6.5%, it’s not to be taken lightly, unless you want to end up half-naked, dancing on a table singing ‘lager, lager, lager,lager’

Talking of which, here’s Underworld with, “Born Slippy” …….



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