Sheepshagger’s Gold – (SCO ….. UK)

Thank god the Scots voted ‘No’. What would the British Lions have done without them? I’m talking Finlay Calder, Gavin Hastings and Doddy Wier here. Sheepshagger’s Gold sounds like it could be a medal won at the Highland Games but it’s not, it’s a beer. Brewed by The Cairngorm Brewery, in the Highlands of Scotland …….in the UK (still), this whimsically-named ale is full of surprises.

Sheepshaggers Gold -
Sheepshagger’s Gold – not what ewe expect…….


Obviously, there’s clue in the name but I was surprised to see this pale straw-coloured beer pour into the glass. The aroma is fresh and fruity, like a home brew that’s not quite ready.  It’s light and refreshing, akin to James Squire’s Chancer, but a little more rustic. Great for summer and for celebrating the continuation of the Ewenion. Find a Sheepshagger tonight and and give him a hug.

For no other reason than they’re from Scotland and are brilliant, here’s Snow Patrol with ‘Open Your Eyes’ ……………….


2 thoughts on “Sheepshagger’s Gold – (SCO ….. UK)”

  1. Wier told me his nickname. Did he? no Doddy. It actually is Dodgy Queer. We are having an Indian summer in Cornwall so I’m drinking Budweiser at the moment and have recarpeted my hallway. Just had hogs pudding with eggs, therefore will be listening to some Tom Petty – Wildflowers.

  2. Love the Doddy Weird joke and the obscure Ali Hogg and rug(by) references. For an Indian summer, try Kingfisher Lager with a bang lassi chaser, whilst listening to Kula Shaker – Govinda. Too obvious?

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