Cascade First Harvest (TAS)

Cascade First Harvest is a limited edition ale from one of Australia’s oldest breweries. The Hobart-based brewers’ 2014 edition comes in a vintage style bottle celebrating their 190 year brewing tradition. Tasmania is renowned for its quality produce and this ale sits nicely with that reputation.

Cascade First Harvest ....... first class
Cascade First Harvest ……. first class


My particular bottle is flavoured by a range of 3 different locally grown hops (Macquarie, Brooker & Argyle) picked and brewed on 12th March 2014. It’s another English-style pale ale, but quite removed from the William’s Pale of the last post. This one is a reddish amber in colour and holds a great head. It tastes fresh and young, like the hops it’s made from but there’s a certain complexity too. There’s hints of caramel toffee with a kumquat bitter finish. It really is quite mouth-watering.

There is an ephemeral beauty in a limited edition, this won’t be around for long so go and grab one now. The First Harvest is first class first quencher ……. and I’d like a second!

With a song that just makes me want to ride a horse into the sunset, here’s First Aid Kit with ‘My Silver Lining’ …………………



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