Moa – Special Edition Southern Alps White IPA (NZ)

So it’s time for some of New Zealand’s finest, the Moa. It’s taken a while to come to terms with this Special Edition, sometimes things can leave a nasty taste the mouth. No, not the beer, that’s ‘choice’, the nasty taste comes from the Bledisloe Cup game on Saturday night. My night, like the game, started well. I was out of the blocks quickly with a thirst-quenching NSW Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. I soon moved the ever-reliable South Australian Coopers Pale, strong up the middle and solid in defence. The Coopers performed well and lasted up until the 80th minute of the game when it all went Pete Tongan and the Men In Black came back to win at the death . Now, that really left me feeling bitter.

Moa - Southern Alps White IPA
Moa – Southern Alps White IPA – leaves a bitter taste in the mouth …. but in a good way!

I tried one of these after the game. It worked, and I soon forgot all about the result. So good was it, that I had another one this evening. It isn’t quite white but it’s certainly pale in colour. The aroma is strong, like you’d expect from a 6.4% ale, there is acetone and pine needles on the nose. The taste explodes on the tongue, hints of elderflower and lip-smacking hoppy bitterness. The tastes lingers and draws you back for another sip. Moa, like the All Blacks, are at the top of their game and this Southern Alps White IPA is the Kieran Read of pales, world-class. Combining both Black and White, here’s Jack White with ‘That Black Bat Licorice’ ………….


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