Young’s Special London Ale (ENG)

I always get excited when I try a new Young’s ale, I just know it’s going to be good. I was a convert for their Banana Bread Beer and an evangelist for their Double Chocolate Stout. How would they go with a beer flavoured ale? Well, there’s a clue in the name ………. ‘special’ is one way to describe it.

Young's London Ale ......... it's a bit special!
Young’s London Ale ……… it’s a bit special!


It pours nicely into the glass, with beautiful fat bubbles from its bottle conditioning.  The colour of toffee caramel, a warm orangey brown, there’s a sweetness on the nose,  (toffee apples spring to mind) but the taste is more complex. Toffee, yes, but three’s also layers of bitterness with hints of kumquat and olde English marmalade. I drank this a little cooler than I normally would but the subtleties of the taste still shone through. A thoroughly refreshing pint, it would go well with another bottle of Special London Ale.

Here’s something else a bit special, London Grammar with ‘Strong’ …….



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