Sheaf Stout -Carlton United Breweries (AUS)

Sheaf Stout has such an agrarian look and feel to it that you wouldn’t be surprised to see it propping up the entrance to the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. Originally brewed by Tooth & Co, I was somewhat surprised to learn that it is now the property of Carlton United Breweries. It would appear to be in safe hands.

Sheaf Stout - black magic!
Sheaf Stout – black magic!


Impervious, ebony black in colour it hold a nice nicotine head. There’s burnt, toasted malt on the nose and a beautiful smokey flavour. There’s hints of cigars and red liquorice, like smoking a Cafe Creme though a Shoe Lace. Of course, there’s lip-smacking malted barley too. A thoroughly authentic and enjoyable stout.

In honour of CUB, here’s Liam Lynch with “United States Of Whatever” ………………….




8 thoughts on “Sheaf Stout -Carlton United Breweries (AUS)”

  1. CUB? Sheaf Stout? Interestingly Bear Grylls is Chief Scout – the youngest ever at 35. Time for a sherbet (dib dib dib dab). Ten slit sheets slit by slippery sam the sheet slitting man – must stop now – Univercity Challend is on.

  2. Do dung sniffers crunk when who shits them. So yes. Add to that the now famous non silent non existent r in sherbet and i’m in need of a beer myself. Bear Grylls – does he?

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