Two Heads Bright Lager – Australian Beer Co (AUS)

Two heads are better than one, but if you’re driving, then one Two Heads is better than two. Two Heads Bright Lager is a conundrum too. Extensive research via Dr Google revealed only that the Australian Beer Co, its brewers, had recently received massive investment from Coca-Cola Amatil, thus negating its craft beer credentials. But hey, I’m not here to talk about brewing politics, I’m here to review beer and this one’s pretty good.

Two Heads Bright Lager - it's the real thing!
Two Heads Bright Lager – it’s the real thing!

I sampled mine in the Black Sombrero, a funky new “Taqueria & Tequileria” in Lismore, NSW.  The Black Sombrero is a pleasant surprise in Keen St, it’s decor colourful and authentic, its menu, simply mouth-watering and its staff welcoming and informative (note to self, must do more research on tequila) .

The Black Sombrero - fish tacos & vintage tequila ....
The Black Sombrero – fish tacos & vintage tequila ….

A crafty schooner revealed and fresh, golden lager, aptly the colour of tequila. Despite its name, it only had one head, but it was a good one that lasted till the bottom of the glass. It’s a real palate cleanser with a double fizz that stimulates both the back and the front of your mouth. The flavour is crisp and summery with a vague hint of apple or wax jambu.

All in all, a refreshing lager that easily hold its own among the commercial brews. Craft beer? Probably not. Quaffable lager? definitely.

Two heads need two hearts, here’s The U2s in their pomp, mullets ‘n’ all   ……………………


3 thoughts on “Two Heads Bright Lager – Australian Beer Co (AUS)”

  1. Wow, cleaning your plate with beer really could lead to you being washed up – replaces the old soak I suppose. I had my haircut in Bodmin yesterday and visited Helland today – can’t wait to answer the “what have you been up to recently” question with “I’ve been to Helland and back “

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