Mornington Brown Ale – Mornington Peninsula Brewery (AUS)

“Be true to the beer and those who drink it” is the motto of the Mornington Peninsula Brewery in Victoria. It had been a while since I’d tried a brown ale, having once been a fan of the “old dog”, the famous ‘Newcassle Brun Eel’ and the occasional ‘brown & bitter’ (a good way of getting nearly a pint of beer for the price of a half!).

Mornington Brown - true to itself and those who drink it.
Mornington Brown – true to itself and those who drink it.

I sampled this one in the Coburg Hotel in Melbourne. Victoria is famous as the home of Ned Kelly. Ned appeared a gentleman in comparison to The Coburg,  and at $10 a bottle I felt like I’d been robbed ….. and yes, it was still daylight.

Happily, this was a fine brew but whether it justified its price tag is debatable. Very English in style (it’s made with malted English hops) it pours a beautifully clear, mahogany brown. Nutty and slightly sweet it is indeed reminiscent of ‘The Dog’, bringing back memories of  a famous Cornish victory over Yorkshire in the 91 County Championship. Many a dog was put to sleep that day ………. and several the day after!

This is an authentic brown ale that slides down very nicely, a little too nicely for $10 a pop but ultimately worth it for the memories.

To celebrate ‘The Dog’ and the dogged defence of the Cornish heroes, here’s The Specials with ‘Do The Dog’ ………


4 thoughts on “Mornington Brown Ale – Mornington Peninsula Brewery (AUS)”

  1. Ahh the old Mornington Lunarpenis (anag). A old Geordie friend (sic) of mine once told me “you should never dream of dogs” . Time for some stottie cake , and put some Haddaway on. Cue joke about a Geordie walking around with a wellie on his knob.

  2. That shot of the beer garden in making me thirsty. I recommend a beer similar in colour and possibly taste , limited edition Cloud Catcher by Byron Bay Brewery Stone & Wood. It’s on tap at the Bangalow Pub until it runs out. Highly recommended if anyone is passing, especially Beer Hunter 365.

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