Voodoo Chile Pale Ale – Maverick Craft Beer (NZ)

This time last year, I started my 365 beer hunting blog with the intention of trying and reviewing a different beer every day for 365 days or, to put it another way, a year. Things didn’t quite go to plan, of course, starting a day late late didn’t help. I still haven’t quite hit the 365th beer yet but I have stuck with tradition and started a new year of blogging a day late. As Uncle Ron used to say, “nothing any good was made in a hurry”.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been lucky enough to be on holiday with family and old friends in New Zealand. I’m a little behind with the blogging but have many great Kiwi brews up my sleeve, so here’s the next instalment.

After a stunning drive through the Haast Pass, we arrived at the holiday town of Wanaka. Time for a refreshing ale at the buzzing ‘Lai Whaka Pai’,  across from the lake. I chose a local brew from  Maverick Craft Beer, Voodoo Chile Pale Ale.

Voodoo Chile Pale Ale - psychedelic beer at it's best
Voodoo Chile Pale Ale – best drunk standing next to a mountain

Looking most alluring in its long, slender pint glass, Voodoo Chile is the colour of unset marmalade (according to my marmalade-making wife). I call it ‘cloudy golden brown’.

Voodoo Chile Pale - best drunk standing next to a window
Voodoo Chile Pale – psychedelic beer at it’s best

There’s hints of toffee and oatcakes on the nose and the aroma is backed up by similarly warm, wintery flavours, freshly baked flap jack with a lingering mild citrus finish. It tastes a little homemade but I like that in a craft beer. I think this would go down a treat after a day’s skiing …… it was pretty good after a summer day’s driving through the stunning Central Otago countryside.

Brews and Tunes, what else?! Here’s Mr James Hendrix, live at Woodstock with his 12 minute ode to beer. I don’t remember being there ……… therefore ………





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