Panhead – Super Charger APA (NZ)

This was my last craft beer in New Zealand, but not the last one I’ll be reviewing. A scarcity of reliable internet meant that I was unable to post much while away …….. besides, I was on holiday!

After a great afternoon wandering around Christchurch city centre shooting street art, it was time for a beer. I was surprised to see just how much devastation the 2011 earthquake had caused. Parts of the city centre were like a ghost town, others looked like a war zone. Luckily, the beautiful Art Deco, Alice Cinematheque and the impressive  Physics Room Art Gallery next door were undamaged (or repaired) …… and the latter had a bar, serving cold craft ales.

image of the Physics Room
The Physics Room – defying gravity and standing all.

Panhead‘s Super Charger American Pale Head pours a beautifully clear bronze colour with a good head and tight bubbles. A bout of hay fever had decimated my nasal capacity, workers in the old factory were on strike and I was unable to glean any aroma. Luckily, this APA is packed with complex hop flavours, notably, citrus and honey.  It’s well balanced though and the hops are not overdone. After 4hrs plodding around the city, carrying my unwieldy camera, this was a refreshing and fitting craft brew to finish my NZ tour with. Sweet as, brew!

PanHead APA - Sweet as!
PanHead APA – Sweet as!


With a Panhead being type of Harley ‘n all, here’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with “Spread Your Love” ……………………..


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