Hop Hog Pale Ale – Feral Brewing Co (AUS)

Regular readers (and you know who are …… both of you) might have noticed a slight gap in the blogosphere? This was mainly due to priorities higher up the ladder, you know ‘next level shit’, i.e. i had to put a new roof on my house. That’s not to say that no beers were drunk in the interim. Far from it, indeed I have veritable back-log of reviews to thrill and educate you with.

image of a bottle of Hop Hog on a rusty corrugated roof sheet. Quite arty really
Feral Brewing’s , Hop Hog…. lovely jubblies when you fancy a pig’s ear

First up is the Perth-based, Feral Brewery’s “Hop Hog”, what a Cockeney might call, a “pig’s ear” (Not to be confused with the Hop Hog IPA, reviewed earlier). The colour of a pale brandy, this pale ale has double bubble and well fruity trachoma (rhyming slang, innit?). The label speaks of citrus flavours, but I get more stone fruit with a citrus rind finish. Certainly a refreshing fruity drop, it went down well after a day on the roof pulling off old, rusty metal sheets and sweeping up 100 years-worth of dust, dead rats, snake skins, cockroach wings and python poo! A well-rounded and balanced brew……. the beer that is.

Image of roof valley stripped back to their wooden trusses
The aforementioned roof (otherwise known as “Death Valley”).

Strange coincidence here, the Hop Hog IPA was accompanied by The Drifters, ‘Under The Boardwalk’, now here’s the Drifters with ‘Up On The Roof’ …………..


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