Three Boys IPA – Three Boys Brewery (NZ)

Three boys bottle top with stick man logo


You know you’re behind with your reviews when the beer you drank on Christmas Eve is being written up on 21st May. This one is worth waiting for though. We spent Christmas in New Zealand with my bestest mates and what a fab time we had. I spent much of that time trying educate their palates with fine craft ales. They soon got the hang of it and we replaced the old ‘6 O’Clock Club’ with the ‘5 O’Clock Tasting’.

Three boys with Three Boys
Three boys with two Three Boys

Deciphering my tasting notes has become easier and it didn’t take me long to work out that this was an IPA and not an iPad. Three Boys Brewery is based in Christchurch and they earn top marks for bottle and label design, I like attention to detail (in other people). Their IPA is golden brown in colour and  has caramel and citrus aromas. Light and zesty, I detected fresh lemons and hints of pine needles. Not overly hopped for an IPA, it’s a refreshing ale ideally suited to early doors drinking. We all wanted another one ………… oh go on, it’s Christmas!

Here’s three boys called ‘The Jam’ with ‘Little Boy Soldiers’ ……….


One thought on “Three Boys IPA – Three Boys Brewery (NZ)”

  1. Fantastic bottle and label design indeed – great imagination (needed). The caramel and citrus notes evoke memories of burnt marmalade of a local provenance. I heard that this brew was a favourite of Michael Jackson?. Buffalo burgers will be eaten later to pair up with a white chocolate and raspberry milkshake. No doubt No Doubt will not be playing, more like More Specials.

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