4 Pines Brewing Company – Stout (AUS)

Billed as the ‘the world’s first certified Space Beer’, I was looking forward to putting my feet up in front of the fire and trying Manly-based, 4 Pines‘ handcrafted stout, to boldly go, etc.

Image of a bottle of 4 Pines stout in front of a roaring fire.
Space Beer ……. it’s stout Jim, but not as we know it


Well it certainly looks like a stout when poured into a glass, ebony black with a frothy nicotine head. It smells like a stout when lifted to the nose, slightly sweet with hints of molasses and burnt rubber. I was therefore slightly disappointed to find the taste somewhat underwhelming. A little too sweet for my liking and lacking in body. I like to drink my stouts with a knife and fork whereas this would be better suited to a spoon. There are hints of coffee and chocolate but ultimately there just too much ……………. well, space.

Here’s Spizz Energi with, “Where’s Captain Kirk?”




Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (People’s Republic of Yorkshire)

This fine Yorkshire ale normally retails in Oz for around $8 a bottle, so when I saw it on the special’s table at Desperate Dan’s, going for $2.49, I jumped at the chance ………. 3 times.

Image of TT Landlord IPA in wooden background
Timothy Taylor’s Landlord – ‘aven’t you got no ‘omes to go to?’

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord a classic and much-awarded English IPA, perfect for an evening in front of the newly-installed wood-burning stove. I drank it at room temperature and found it to be a smooth as silk. Antique pine in colour, it has the mild aroma of citrus fruit and suede elbow patches. Without the carbonation characteristic of Australian and American IPA’s, it’s n easy drinking ale, sweet and nutty. Sweet as a nut, you might say. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it on the hand pump next time I’m in the Old Dart.

Quite fittingly, this was the B-side to “Message In A Bottle”, here’s The Police with “Landlord” ………..